I am the guy to help you move a mountain when you need a mountain moved.

I am the guy to help you move a mountain when you need a mountain moved.

If you have landed on this page it is likely that you have sexual habits that you want to be rid of.  You are successful, maybe a wife and children but you cannot cease “fill in the blank.” It may be chronic pornography and masturbation, serial affairs or using prostitutes.  When you were a teen these kinds of experiences were fantasies you longed for but now as a mature man they are a curse that you cannot escape.  You may be experiencing huge costs in your life right now!  The shame and embarrassment keeps you from reaching out for help while the lure of connection and pleasure keeps you chained to your habits. 

"I could not be the Man I am today, nor the father or husband, if it were not for meeting Tom."

Eric S.

I genuinely feel your pain. If you are looking for someone with decades of experience coaching others to guide you through the deep murky waters of unwanted sexual behaviors, then consider reaching out to me.   The older we get, the less likely you have anyone in your life to discuss this kind of predicament. If you have read books, watched videos and looked at other resources on the topic but have been unable to break free and are desperate to find something deeper than behavior management then please consider giving me a call.  The consultation is free.  

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